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About Janet:


   From early childhood, I loved to build and create things.  All artistic medias are of interest to me but none surpasses the feel of clay.  It is a piece of earth in my hands that has an infinite number of possibilities and explorations.


   As a child, I loved nature.  Growing up in Kentucky, I had summers around a pond, the woods, and meadows full of flowers, birds and animals.  I developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and its intricacies.  I spent much time studying animals and plants.  That love has transferred to my work.  My parents also had an appreciation for fine art and Asian décor that helped me develop my appreciation of the arts. 


   I began drawing as a child, loving pencils, paints, fibers, and playdough.  Any media would do.  I wanted to be an artist, but the realities of a struggling artist struck home.  After high school, I went to college and then, my focus went to my career as an interior designer.  I maintained an interest in the arts and regularly attended every worthy art sale in the region.  In particular, I appreciate and collect pottery. I love the feel of a well-done piece and have always been especially intrigued by raku. 


   It was not until 20 years later, when my husband brought me to Hawaii, that I felt inspired again to get serious about artwork.  Hawaii is so alive.  Even the very earth is alive and growing with the volcano.  I began to draw again.  Through the generosity of local artists, I learned to paint.  I also began to make jewelry.  Then, I was introduced to clay.  Immediately, I felt a passion.  Some of my mentors are Gerald Ben, Joseph Ster, Clair Seastone, Will and Kate Jacobsen, and Amber Aguirre.  I feel very fortunate to be able to learn amongst such world-class artisans. 


   In 2009, I opened a small gallery in Holualoa, Hawaii.  This was the Segway into my art career.  I represented many other artists locally.  In 2011, I closed the gallery to focus more time and energy on my art career.  My husband built a beautiful studio next to our home in Holualoa, where I enjoy the wonders of Hawaii while creating my art.  Without this loving support, it would be very difficult. 


   My desire is to express a little of the joy and beauty of life on our marvelous earth.  To me, there is no better media to express this than a piece of earth itself.  It’'s all trial and error, experimentation, and learning.  There is something magical about the fire and the element of surprise with each firing.

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